The Law Office of John H. Harrington, LLC

Comprehensive Legal Services by an Experienced Lawyer

The Law Office of John H. Harrington, LLC provides strategic legal services in a variety of areas such as litigation, real estate transactions, and probate. Having a knowledgeable attorney on your side can put you at ease, whether you are going through divorce, a first time buyer of real estate, or have been charged with a crime. I will help you navigate the Connecticut and New York legal systems with your best interests in mind.

My Mission

I am a sole practitioner representing individuals and entities in litigation, including family law, personal injury, real estate (contract/condominium/foreclosure defense) disputes, landlord/tenant and criminal defense. I aim to provide full residential and commercial real estate representation and closing services. I also practice before the Courts of Probate in estate administration, applications for conservatorship/guardians, and adversarial matters. I am admitted to the bars of New York and Connecticut.


Brenda K

State Representative, 132nd District Fairfield

Brenda worked with John but at different companies

“I've known John for over 10 years. I've worked on local projects with John and have always found him to be professional and knowledgeable. John has a friendly personality and a strong work ethic.”

Matt F

Collegian Movers Inc

Matt was a client of John

“John consistently brings his expertise to the table,working around obstacles to get the deal closed. We have worked on several real estate deals over the years all successful. Thank you”

John C

Regional Director of Sales, at Flywire

John was a client of John

“John has helped me with a variety of legal issues over many years, all of which resulted in my great satisfaction. He pays attention to details; offers optional solutions; and is a genuine client advocate.”

Steve G

Principal of Steve Goldstein Consulting, LLC

Steve was a client of John

“Solid and trustworthy, John is always someone I turn to for legal representation.”

Seth G

CEO at Lightbridge Corporation (NASDAQ: LTBR)

Seth managed John directly

“I have worked with John in several capacities, including senior-level committee

work for the American Bar Association and in John's leading work representing a

Russian nuclear institute in a complex international arbitration in Paris.

John's ability to work with complicated legal matters and formulate winning

strategies and documents make him stand out in the legal profession. John

operates in English and Russian and is as comfortable working internationally

as he is in Connecticut and New York.”